The main purpose of this network is to establish contact with other people and get to know their projects to shape an initiative in favour of the recognition of original cultures in the Americas and their decolonization before "dominant"cultures.
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El principal objetivo de esta red es entrar en contacto con otras personas y conocer sus proyectos para crear una iniciativa en favor de la reivindicación de las culturas originarias de las Américas y su decolonización ante las culturas “dominantes”.


Information about  research projects
and Academic publications


Platform for artists to share their projects
of painting, photography, music, etc.


Literary productions in indigenous languages
or about indigenous cultures of the Americas.

– POEM: Na ni indio –

I am an Indian: because white men named me like this to be able to crush and discriminate me. I am an Indian: and today I know that I have my own face, my own way of looking and my own feeling.


Our goal is to constitute all together a single movement without forgetting that each culture has its own historical characteristics.

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We are a group of researchers, artists and collaborators. You can become a member, and share your work with us.

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Find the latest information about the artistic production and research projects related to the original cultures of the Americas.

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